National Botanical Garden(Institute) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

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Systematic botanical research in Republic of Moldova was initiated in 1947 by employees of the District of Botany of the Moldavian branch of the Academy of Sciences of USSR.

But the first data on Moldavian vegetation appeared in XVIII century. One of the first descriptions of Moldavian land vegetation is reflected in the work of Dimitrie Cantemir " Description of Moldova "published in 1716.

In 1794, A. Meier displayed the first data on the floristic composition of some forest areas (75 sp.), steppes (50 sp.), areas with petrophyte, aquatic vegetation and cultivated vegetation on the territory between rivers Nistru, Bug, Kodâma and Black Sea.

Ia. Chihac, in 1837, published the first textbook of natural sciences in Romanian " natural history ", including the taxonomy of plants and animals exposed under the system proposed by Carl Linné.

Between 1860 and 1861, the first forest management plan was organized, where forest area from Bessarabia province was determined (288.091 tithes - about 11%).

I.C. Paczosky in " Vegetation sketch of Bessarabia "(1914) divides zonal vegetation into two types: steppe vegetation and forest vegetation. He mentions here that local Bessarabian flora is formed from the tertiary period.

Traian Savulescu (1927) in his works classified Bessarabian forest vegetation to steppe type, linking its origin to Podolia forests.
Al. Borza in "Our Bessarabia "(1936) presents a short characteristic of vegetation formation in the geological past.

According to the Decision of Soviet of Ministers of the MSSR. Nr.1110 of 31.07.1950, Division of Botany of the Moldavian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences is reorganized in the Botanical Garden.

In the North-East of Chisinau, later in the autumn of same year, on Durlesti river valley, were allocated 74 ha of land for the construction of Botanical Garden. During the years 1950-1964 were created collections and exhibitions of plants.

By Decision of Soviet of Ministers of the MSSR no. 916-r of 27 September 1965, in the South-East of Chisinau was allocated a new land surface of 104 ha for the design and construction of the present Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Design and construction of the Botanic Garden were conducted under the leadership of acad. A. Ciubotaru, who served as director of this institution more than 32 years.

The design and construction of the Botanical Garden has been based on Ecologo-systematic principle, with distribution of plant species per family. In most cases, groups of plants were designed in landscape style, which facilitated orientation of the field and studying the vegetation also corresponding to compositional aesthetic requirements and environmental requirements of plant species.

During the years was built a laboratory block, were created collections and exhibitions of plants, such as: Dendrarium (exhibitions of Rosaceae, Fagaceae, Fabaceae , etc..) Pinarium, Flora Moldovei (exhibition of steppe vegetation, forestry, aquatic, etc.). , Rose garden (Rosarium), garden of trees with guided coronae, Alpine Garden (Alpinarium), Stone Garden (Rocarium), creepers garden (Lianarium), sector of floriculture, vegetable resources sector, sector tropical and sub-tropical plants, etc.. Total sum of Botanical Garden genofund is 10 000 species and varieties. In the center of Botanical Garden were built four water reservoirs, which are situated at different levels and form a cascade of lakes.

Botanical Garden Herbarium holds 185000 species, representing a unique collection of native plants and from other floristic regions.

State Committee for Science and Technology, by the decision of the USSR Soviet of Ministers no. 38 of July 1, 1975, assigned to the Botanical Garden of the Moldavian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences research institute status.

During the 60 years since the founding of the Botanical Garden, the activity of this institution was led by: Professor V. Andreev, 1947-1950, corresponding member T. Geideman, 1950-1964, academician A. Ciubotaru, 1964-1986, Dr. I. Maiaţkii, 1986-1988 (Interim), academician A. Negru, 1988-1996, Dr. A. Teleuta, 2006 – till now. A special contribution to the development of Botanical Garden of ASM was made by academics N. Titin, A. Fiodorov, N. Smolskii, A. Grodzinskii, profesors S. Sokolov, P. Lapin, L. Rubţov and others.