National Botanical Garden(Institute) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

For visitors

Useful information for visitors

• We propose for sale a wide range of tropical plants for arranging interiors, offices, apartments, etc..
• Seedlings of trees and ornamental shrubs in containers are available for sale.
• Since April , ornamental flowering plants will be available for sale.
• Bids are accepted starting with February.

How to get to the Botanical Garden (Institute) of ASM

• By trolleybus no.4 and no.18
• By bus No. 3, no.122 and no. 23
• By minibus no. 104, no.174, no. 163, no. 154 and no. 113

Tours in the Botanical Garden (I) of ASM

• Tours take place every day (except Monday) from 1000 a.m. to 400 p.m., with preliminary registration, since April until November. Groups will not exceed 10 people.
• Walking within Botanical Garden is allowed from 900 a.m. to 800 p.m

Tours in the complex of greenhouses

• Excursions in the complex of greenhouses take place every day from 1000 a.m. to 300 p.m. for the entire year.
• On Fridays the tours take place from 900 a.m. to 1200 p.m.
• Groups will not exceed 10-15 people.

Fees for visiting the Botanical Garden (I) of the ASM

• Children up to 6 years with an attendant and retirees – 5 lei per person.
• Pupils, students and adults, in the field – 10 lei per person.
• Pupils, students and adults, in greenhouses – 10 lei per person.
• Foreign guests (guided tours) – 35 lei per person.


For additional information you can contact us.